Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Barbed Wire Dolls

Note: This was written last night while extremely drunk. It was the only way I would have ever been truly able to write about this film and do it any sort of justice. It has been modified from its original version for coherency and spelling. Mostly. Fuck it. It is Barbed Wire Dolls.

Vagrancy Films presents Barbed Wire Dolls at the Toronto Underground Cinema on Friday November 19th at 9:30pm. You absolutely, positively must be 18+ to attend and if you even think about asking for a refund, don't. You know what you were buying a ticket to when you saw the title of the movie.

There is nothing I can say about Jesus Franco's women in prison epic Barbed Wire Dolls to damage its reputation. It is a brilliantly damaged and deranged film and you know with the guys from Vagrancy Films promoting this event that it is going to make the Gathering of the Juggalos look like some fucking Candy Land shit.

Hell yeah I got drunk to write this blog. This isn't the kind of movie you watch sober. It is the kind of movie that needs to be seen to be believed, though. If you think you have seen everything a women in prison film has to offer, you have obviously never heard of the work of Jess Franco.

Jess Franco is one of the most enduring cult grindhouse directors because his films manage to be batshit insane, but still manage to make some amount of sense. If you are drunk. Did I mention to not come to this movie sober? At least smoke something before you show up. Not that the Underground Cinema advocates that sort of thing, but I personally advocate that sort of thing. Franco has made over 150 films in his lifetime. The man is in his 80s, but he is still making films in Spain to this day. There isn't a set genre that Franco works in, but it is all exploitation.

Oh, and this trailer is definitely NSFW

Barbed Wire Dolls (a.k.a. Frauengefängnis) really has no plot. It is a women in prison film. Why would you need or want a plot? But the film actually manages not one, but two twist endings. Oh fuck, I'm drunk. But wait. I am getting ahead of myself. Man this is taking long to type... There is this woman played by famed exhibitionist Lina Romay who is imprisoned for killing her father (played by director Franco). And that is about it. The warden makes life hell for her and some kind of pleasure I guess. I don't know. Lots of lesbian sex and beatings. There literally is no plot, and every single line of dialogue is laughable.

But the real reason to see a Franco film is to study the technique. Wow, I can't believe I just said that. Anyway, this guy has never met a zoom or a close-up he didn't like. I swear there is a close up of a vagina that is so overdone Robert Altman would have to have seen it when he filmed the live birth scene for Dr. T and the Women. I love that the only two tags on this entry are going to be be Barbed Wire Dolls and Dr. T and the Women. I love this job.

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