Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hard Core Logo (and an explanation about why it took so long to announce it)

Hard Core Logo screens at the Toronto Underground Cinema on Friday December 3rd at 6:45pm as part of our Good Canadian Cinema? series.

What is it about rock stars that fascinate us so much? Is it because we want them to succeed, or we want them to fail? Is it because they work hard to get where they are or is it because they are so debauched that their success is mind boggling? There are so many bands and musical artists that I begrudgingly respect for their work eithic (Justin Beiber, Kanye West) and others that I respect that they are simply still alive (Motley Crue, The Rolling Stones, Kanye West). Maybe it is that life or death struggle that makes mockumentaries like Bruce McDonald's Hard Core Logo so satisfying. The people on screen are in a life or death struggle, but other than success the stakes really aren't that high. Egos are overinflated to the point of caricature. That is also what makes Hard Core Logo so darn believable.

The titular band of Hard Core Logo is getting back together again after a five year hiatus for what they believe to be one last show. Bruce McDonald, playing himself films Spinal Tap style as the band attempts to patch up old wounds and simultaneously opening up new ones.

The film itself is quite simple and has some pretty ardent defenders (such as Quentin Tarantino, who picked up the film for distribution in the U.S.) and it often shows up on lists of the greatest Canadian films ever made. The film, despite being fictional, is completely believable and this is the rare case where you actually care for the rock stars no matter how boorish your behavior.

So why did it take us so darn long to announce that we were playing it?

Because this is not the movie that we were planning on playing. It was the next film in line according to the results of our poll.

What we wanted to play was our #6 finisher Ginger Snaps, but unfortunately that films seems to have fallen into a morass of rights issues. All calls and emails we attempted to make to the rights holders went unanswered and we even questioned if the right holders had gone bankrupt or out of business. We apologize for anyone who was really looking forward to that one. We were as well.

So with that in mind, and knowing what I posted in my American Perspective blog, I am interested to see how Hard Core Logo does this time. It did well in the voting, but it didn't win. The last time we played it, audiences were apathetic. Let's see if being a part of this program makes things any different. It is definitely a great movie. Now lets just see if people will come out to see it.

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