Monday, June 13, 2011

NXNE at the Underground

The North by Northeast (NXNE) music and film festival really doesn't get into full swing until Wednesday, June 15th, but we start screening films at the Toronto Underground Cinema starting TONIGHT (Monday, June 13th). Here is our line-up and schedule of films for this week's films which showcase everything from pop to punk to metal to hip-hop and beyond.

Individual screening passes are $10, but film festival wristbands passes are also available for the tremendously low rate of $25 and will get you into screenings not only at our theatre, but also to those over at the NFB Mediatheque (150 John Street). Wristbands for both the film festival and for musical events can be purchased at our theatre during normal business hours and doors will open 30 minutes prior to the first screening of the day. For more information, please visit

Monday, June 13th

7:00pm Shakespeare Was a Big George Jones Fan: "Cowboy" Jack Clement's Home Movies - A doc about Nashville's maverick songwriter and producer. "Cowboy" Jack Clement - includes footage of Johnny Cash and Bono.

9:00pm The Last Pogo (short) - Documentary surrounding the last punk rock show to ever take place at Toronto's Horeseshoe Tavern.

Showing with

Kurt Cobain: About a Son - A look back at the life of Kurt Cobain through unused audio interviews courtesy of music writer Michael Azerrad.

Tuesday, June 14th

7:00pm Jandek on Corwood - Documentary about a reclusive Texas musician that "makes J.D. Salinger look like Britney Spears."

9:00pm The Disposable Film Festival - A competitive collection of shorts from all over the world showcasing the latest in film technology and DIY ethics.

Wednesday, June 15th

6:30pm Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry: The Life and Times of Norman K. Collins - A look at influential tattoo artist Sailor Jerry from those who knew him best.

8:30pm Mutual Appreciation - A comedy about musicians in New York trying to make it while learning about themselves.

Thursday, June 16th

2:00pm Noise and Resistance: Voices from the DIY Underground - An inspiring look at Europe's DIY scene with some of the best punk rock heard in years.

4:00pm Violent Days - A French tale of rockabilly, beer, and violence in 1950s Paris. (Preceded by Bitter Grasses, a music video from Karyn Ellis)

6:00pm High on Hope - The story of the rise of dance and house music in 1980s England. (Preceded by the short Buskers)

8:00pm J.X. Williams' Cabinet of Curiosities - This film serves as the Gala Presentation of the NXNE festival, focusing on the life and work of punk rock video director and 70s icon J.X. Williams.

Friday, June 17th

12:00pm Bloodied But Unbowed - A look at the first ever punk rock scene in Vancouver (Preceded by the short Dive and Dimunition: A Punk Rock Story)

2:00pm Ivory Tower - A film from Puppetmastaz emcee Adam Traynor and Canadian rapper Gonzales starring Peaches and Feist. (Preceded by the short City and Colour: In the Studio and We Don't Want Your Body, a music video from Stars)

4:00pm Journey of a Dream - A documentary about a Tibetan refugee who finds strength and inspiration through heavy metal.

6:00pm The Rise and Fall of Sensational - The true story of the talented, yet still obscure, emcee Sensational. (Preceded by a series of music videos from Amir George)

8:00pm Color Me Obsessed: A Film About the Replacements - An in depth look at one of the most beloved bands of all time.

Saturday, June 18th

5:30pm Better Than Something: Jay Retard - A portrait of the late punk singer songwriter Jay Retard filmed just months before his death.

7:15pm Road Dogs - A look at three goth and metal bands making their way through the United States and freaking people out along the way (both intentionally and unintentionally). (Preceded by Lovely Bloodflow, a music video from Baths)

8:45pm Player Hating: A Love Story - A film about the healing power of hip-hop told through the eyes of emcee Half-a-Mill while living in the projects of Albany, NY. (Preceded by the short Hip Hop Mom).

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  1. I'm surprised that there aren't more film festivals around. There seems to be so many music band festivals but not many dedicated to film which is a bit disappointing. Obviously NXNE mixes the two together which is nice to see and I like how they use festival wristbands as a sort of ticket. I might be a bit strange but I like collecting them and finding them a few years down the line, where it takes me back to the festival and the good memories.