Monday, May 16, 2011

Special Thanks and Special Announcements!

Hello everyone! Sorry we haven't been able to rap at you guys in a while, but things here at the Underground have been really crazy and this blog has sadly gone a bit neglected.

First off, we wanted to thank each and every one of you who were able to come out to out huge One Year Anniversary shindig last night. It really meant a lot to us and without you guys, none of this would be possible so we owe all of you a large amount of thanks and gratitude for sticking with us for this long. It hasn't always been easy (*cough*Canadiancinemaweek*cough*), but thanks to the support of all our patrons we are headed into our second year bigger and badder than ever.

Now for a couple of brief announcements regarding the blog and some really great events coming up this weekend:

-Starting in June the Notes From the Toronto Underground blog will be fully resurrected. The reason it has fallen a bit by the wayside is that our usual blogger just has far too much on his plate at the moment to keep it up in a way that he would like to. In the next few weeks, he will be looking for volunteers to help write about events and films that will be playing at the Underground and he will begin serving as an editor. Please note that this is NOT a paying position, but it will involve free movie passes for pieces that we can use/want. Those interested in potentially participating can contact our blogger directly at indefensiblemovieseries at Gmail dot com starting later this week.

-This Saturday (May 21st) at 9:30pm marks the return of EXPLOITATION ALLEY with a very rare 35mm screening of Mario Bava's 1973 film The House of Exorcism starring Telly Sevalas! As always, fun and prizes are in store along with a chance to catch a film projected in the big screen that almost never gets played anymore. (And for those asking, yes, it is the American version since that is all that is available.)

-Our successful DEFENDING THE INDEFENSIBLE series continues this weekend with not one, but TWO different screenings surrounding the film Observe and Report. On Friday (May 20th) at 7pm watch as series creator Andrew Parker (Criticize This!) and Will Sloan (Exclaim!) defend the divisive Seth Rogen dark comedy against the arguments of Adam Nayman (The Grid, CinemaScope, Metro) and John Semley (Torontoist). On Friday, the film will be defended on it's own merits and the entire night will be hosted and mediated by Norman Wilner (Now).

On Sunday, Defending the Indefensible will look at Observe and Report alongside a film that many people consider to be it's direct inspiration: Martin Scorcese and Paul Schrader's Taxi Driver. Norman Wilner will return on Sunday (May 22nd) to look at how both films resemble each other with Taxi Driver starting first at 7:00pm and Observe and Report following at 9:15pm. This is a presentation you will not want to miss.

As always, proceeds from both shows will be going to charity. This week's charity is the Organization for Bipolar Affective Disorder (OBAD), an organization that aims to educated and help people living with mood disorders better lives and tools for coping.

SPECIAL OFFER: To help bring people out to both evenings and to facilitate a full and informative discussion, if you see Observe and Report on Friday night, you will receive a free ticket to come back and see Taxi Driver on Sunday night. Standard double and single ticket pricing applies on Sunday. (Single ticket/Single Film: $10, Double Bill of Taxi Driver and Observe and Report on Sunday: $15)